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Longboat Landing Fitness Centre


The Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre is proud to provide its members and visitors with a spacious, open concept, state of the art fitness centre. With floor to ceiling windows surrounding the exercise environment, members and visitors will be welcomed by natural sunlight as well as a view of the very trees and sky that make the Great North so beautiful.

In excess of 6,500 square feet, the Long Boat Landing Fitness Centre is equipped with exceptional exercise equipment, and plenty of options to accommodate every participant. Each of the 30+ pieces of cardio equipment are outfitted with its own television monitor for your enjoyment. This is multi-tasking at its best, so exercise while catching up on all the day's news, enjoying your favorite television show, or rooting for your favorite sports team.

The Long Boat Landing Fitness Centre will also provide all the equipment needed for your strength and conditioning programs. A full range of free weights and strength training machines is available for use. Regardless if you are just beginning your journey to health or have been a fitness buff for years, the Long Boat Landing Fitness Centre portion of the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre is ready and able to satisfy your activity needs. So come in, participate, and enjoy the road to a healthier you.

For more information about booking space, contact the Events & Program Coordinator, Jessica Gingras 780-792-2693