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All Fitness classes are FREE for members until March 31st. 




Fit In 40:



Cost of the challenge is $150.

- Participants who register are eligible for discount on personal training sessions/packages (18% discount for 2018)

- Participants are eligible for a ‘start’ and ‘finish’ body composition done with an SSWC Personal Trainer & Tanita scale.

- Participants gain free gym access which includes all fitness classes 

- check the website, GS desk and fitness desk to view most current class schedule

- Initial body composition with personal trainer includes goal setting and sample meal plans.

- Approx. challenge value is over $1500

- Program participants are eligible to win cash prizes based on number of entries (prizes based on body fat % lost and overall transformation) 

Please sign up with Guest Services desk and an SSWC Personal Trainer will contact you to set up initial consultation time.