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Program Delivery

Shifting to Wellness strives to provide delivery methods that suit the unique needs and situations of individuals and organizations. 

Currently, the Shifting to Wellness Program has two implementation options available to individuals and organizations:

  1. Employee Program
    1. For shiftworkers and/or family members Get more info
  2. Trainer Certification Program
    1. For individual consultants and trainers, occupational health and safety and human resource professionals and/or peer trainers. Once certified, trainers can deliver the employee program within their own or other organizations for 3 years. Get more info

Open Trainer Certifications happen throughout the year. Please contact Shifting to Wellness™ to be added to our mailing list for further information and upcoming dates.

The above programs are delivered:

  • In House - participants attend the course with other members of their organization. Program is customized to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Open Workshop - participants attend the course during a public offering. Program is delivered in a standard format and covers all core components of the course.

The menu-style format of the content allows the Employee Program to be delivered in a number of configurations including:

  • One time delivery - one or two day workshops
  • Weekly/Monthly sessions - one or two hour topic based sessions
  • Laser deliveries - tidbits and key points to be presented at regularly scheduled safety meetings, participants to use guidebook at home with their families to generate discussion and deepen their understanding of the concepts delivered at the safety meetings. A popular style is ‘lunch and learn’ meetings.