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Program Content

The program content is organized in a user friendly, interactive format. The seminar setting provides an opportunity to introduce information to shiftworkers so that they can develop a framework of personal strategies for coping with shiftwork and the challenges it poses.

The Employee Guidebook is the foundation of the Shifting to Wellness Employee Program. The Guidebook serves as a valuable tool for employees both during and after the seminar. It is filled with valuable information, tips, recipes, and personal inventories that both encourages active participation in the seminar and provides a take-away reference for employees and their families to use at home.

The following topics are covered in the Employee Program:

  • Background Information on Shiftwork
  • A New Look at Shiftwork
  • Understanding Your Circadian Rhythms, Maintaining Alertness, Managing Sleep, and Preventing the Impact of Fatigue
  • Managing Change Positively
  • Managing Stress
  • Managing Time Positively
  • Healthy Eating (includes Nutrition for the Night Shift)
  • Active Living
  • Maintaining Spiritual, Cultural and Gender Awareness as Part of the Workplace Health Perspective
  • Understanding the Impact of Shiftwork on Sexual Activity
  • Relationships and Community
  • Understanding the Importance of Tobacco Reduction in the Workplace