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Facts about Shifting

Shifting to Wellness™ is Canada’s most comprehensive shiftwork lifestyle-training program. Our goal is to enhance the health and wellness of employees and their families by helping them cope with the rigors of working non-traditional hours. In the end, everyone benefits when we achieve our goal; employees, families, employers, health professionals and society in general.

The Shifting to Wellness Program represents the “Voluntary Health Practice” component of a comprehensive workplace health initiative. The Voluntary Health Practice approach refers to the efforts within a workplace to help people modify their personal lifestyle behaviours. Shiftworkers’ lifestyle choices are key determinants of their health and safety and the health and safety of our organizations and communities.

The Shifting to Wellness program focuses on solutions – helping shiftworkers develop useful strategies for dealing with the issues surrounding a shiftwork lifestyle. Shifting to Wellness understands the necessity of twenty-four hour work. Consequently, we have developed a program that addresses health and safety concerns associated with shiftwork while recognizing the need to support the requirement for shiftwork in the workplace. The program provides important information about shiftwork and the effect it has on health and quality of life for shiftworkers on, and off, the job. The program helps shiftworkers identify that the choices they make in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, communication, family, stress and time management affect their health, job performance and safety, job satisfaction and ability to cope with their unique lifestyle needs.