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Our Workplaces

Our BFFL coordinator can help your workplaces be a happy healthy workplace! Employers that take time for the health of their employees will notice less sick days and improved productivity.

We know how busy you are and we also know that no two workplaces are the same.  Let our certified staff work with you to create programs, workshops, presentations and more to help busy employees find the time to get off their chairs, leave their desks or workstations and leave more active, healthy lives!


Learn about topics that will interest your staff, help them understand and improve their current fitness levels, cope with stress and increase workplace morale. Topics may include: eating healthy while eating out, goal setting, physical activity at the workplace, portion distortion etc.

Price: $25.00/hour

Group Fitness

Looking for an activity to do together to get your heart pumping during the work day? Why not participate in a group fitness class. Working together at your fitness can not only improve health, but help strengthen your workplace team. Classes may include: circuit classes, cycle, pilates, yoga, zumba and more!

Price: $25.00/hour

Custom Programs

Want something that will specifically meet the needs of your workplace? Talk with us and we can make it happen! The Be Fit For Life Center can also assist you with fitness assessments, fitness testing, life coaching and active meeting ideas/energizers. We can help you create a Fit For Life challenge for your employees and provide you with the resources to make health a priority for your employees at the workplace and in their homes!

Price:TBD based on the program option you choose and length of program.