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Events and Programs For Schools

We deliver leading edge activities and resources right to your school! Your local Be Fit For Life Centre develops unique programs and initiatives to respond to the needs and interests of schools and teachers in our region. Whether it is through engaging presentations or activity sessions the Be Fit For Life Coordinator gets our children putting health first!

Girl Power & Mega Boyz 

The purpose of these conferences is to devote a separate day to grade 5 Girls and grade 5 boys in order to expose them to empowering activities. The goal is to encourage our youth to remain active and make positive choices as they get older by introducing them to a variety of activities targeted toward healthy living. These full day conferences that take place in May each year include sessions that develop physical activity skills as well as mental health and healthy well-being skills.


Winter Walk Day

The first Wednesday of February every year is provincial Winter Walk Day. The purpose of this event is to get Albertans moving and enjoying the outdoors during the winter months! By logging your activity minutes online you are helping us say Yes It Is Winter And We Are Active!!




Physical Activity Sessions (K-12)

Have a BFFL representative in your classroom to expose your kids to new faces and new ways of teaching physical activity. Sessions will work on developing the “ABC’S” of physical literacy – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength!

  • Price: First Class (30-60minutes) - FREE
  • Each additional class $25.00

Classroom Presentations (4-12)

Have a BFFL representative into your classroom to teach kids the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in fun and interactive ways. Presentations include topics such as “Sugar Shocker” and “Healthy Living Jeopardy”.

  • Price: First Class (30-60minutes) - FREE
  • Each additional class $25.00

Custom Programs

Let us help you customize your own active living, nutrition or self esteem program appropriate to the needs of your school or classroom! Presentations or activity sessions can be created based on demand. Sample topics may include: portion distortion, Canada’s physical activity guide, sport nutrition etc.


Is a training session for grades 4-6 students that gives them the skills to instruct games for younger students. The purpose of the training is to give students the necesarry resources and tools for becoming physical activity leaders. The session can accomodate up to 50 grades 4-6 students.

  • Price: $75.00 per school
  •  1.5 hours at a school

Teacher Professional Development

  • For Kindergarten to Grade Levels 9 Teachers


Move & Play through Physical Literacy Workshop

This 60-90 minute workshop includes a practical professional development opportunity for leaders who would like to integrate physical literacy in their children and youth programming. Learning basic movement skills affects our activity level for life. If you can’t properly jump—think of all the activities you will miss out on! Ensure your students are on the right track and learn fun games that gets students working on their FUNdamental movement skills.

  • Price: $100

Move & Play in Action

Once your group has received the physical literacy workshop, our leaders are available to come into your school/organization to let you see how a classroom focused on Physical Literacy looks! Observe our leaders as they lead your youth through games from the Move & Play resource

 before you take it in your own hands!

  • Price: $20.00/session

Yoga Techniques for Classrooms

Workshop (K-9)

Are you looking for a way to incorporate yoga into your classroom? The new Yoga Techniques for the Classroom Program includes both PowerPoint and Yoga Cards to help bring energy, balance, calm and relaxation to staff and students. This session includes yoga techniques, games, discussion, brainstorming and also links all the lessons to school curriculum.

  • Price: 60 minute workshop $50.00

Teachers! Take advantage of our workplace wellness initiatives to make your workplace a healthier place to teach and live!



DPA Session for Teachers

A practical session that introduces new games using BFFL Move & Play Cards, pool noodles, resistance bands, and gear from classroom DPA Bins. This PD session is hands on and prides a lesson plan.

Price: 90 minute session $75.00