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Athlete Enhancement Program

Jim Crow

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Brook Voigt: Medalist World Cup, Team Canada Member, Olympic Candidate 2014, Represented team Canada at 2018 Winter Olympics


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The Athlete Enhancement Program is intended to provide emerging athletes an opportunity to receive non-technical support (nutrition advice, specific exercise training, and mental skills training) to improve their sport performance. This is a unique opportunity that not all athletes across Canada receive; therefore, all athletes accepted must have the desire to learn and grow as an athlete and person.

AEP Athletes will receive:

  • Direct Support from Performance Professionals
  • Access to a Sport Nutritionist
  • Access to Mental Skills training
  • Access to a Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Opportunities to participate in the Experiences Program
  • This is a one-of-a-kind program in which athletes will learn how to apply exercise, nutrition and mental skills in a series of practical learning experiences
  • Gear to show off your talents

Application Process – Athlete Enhancement Program

  1. Complete and submit application(one page contact information and 2 reference letters)
  2. ASDC Staff will review application and letters
  3. Interview (Athlete + Parent, or guardian)
  4. Assess athletes goals and objectives
  5. Pay the $100 +GST annual fee (The Alberta Sport Development Centre – Northeast provides access to all athletes regardless of financial circumstance)
  6. Develop a training schedule (1-3 sessions/week/in-season, 3-5 sessions/week/off-season)

Please contact the ASDC Coordinator for more information on the Athlete Enhancement Program