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ASDC NE Coordinator 

Karly Cameron Bachelors of Sport and Fitness Leadership Major:  Sport Management, NCCP 3   


Since an early age Karly has been involved with a variety of sports but most of the time you could find her at the Gymnastics club! Karly’s passion for sport has brought her around the world. She participated in a field school in Bolivia researching the effects of high altitude on the body and helped run a recreational gymnastics facility in Taizhou, China. Karly is excited to bring her passion, knowledge and dedication to the ASDC-NE programs!




Dwayne VigilanceHigh  Performance Training Specialist / Head Coach Women's Basketball

Dwayne Vigilance - Malaspina University, B.C. (Now VIU), 

Exercise Science, Northern Alberta institute of Technology, NSCM, Corrective Exercise Specialist, AFLCA RT, GE, PE, NCCP 3


Our women's basketball coach is also part of the ASDC team. Dwayne (who is from Fort McMurray) attended school at Malaspina University in Vancouver where he continued his passion for sport. Dwayne moved on from the west coast to pursue elite coaching and training in Australia where he worked with prestigious sports academies and teams. Dwayne returned to Keyano College four years ago and has been involved with training, ASDC, coaching ever since.


ASDC Trainer

Lanalee Pike - Fitness/Personal Trainer (ISSA), Strength and Conditioning Coach (ISSA), Fitness Nutrition (ISSA), Certified Elite Trainer for ISSA (International Sport Science Association), Currently working towards PE Degree.

Lanalee Pike, originally from Pinware, Labrador, moved to Fort Mcmurray 11 years ago. Lanalee always had a passion for Sports and the human body, after having a troublesome childhood filled with many months spent in the hospital, being told she can’t participate in a variety of activities  she didn’t let that slow her down and In grade 11 Lanalee took ‘female athlete of the year’ award, something she worked really hard towards, pushing pass all boundaries she thought she had. Upon moving to Fort McMurray, Lanalee discovered her passion for working out and living the healthiest life both mentally and physically. She decided to take her fitness to the next level in 2014 competing in the Alberta bodybuilding Association taking home second place qualifying for Alberta Provincials which she also competed in the following year. In 2016 Lanalee decided to take the chance and start her own small business, Fit Balanced Lifestyle. Successfully working hard on her business since and making her dreams come true. 

In 2012 Lanalee went to Keyano College for their Phys Ed program. She finished at Keyano in 2015 and then pursued to be an elite trainer with the International Sport Science Association, obtaining personal training certificate, strength and conditioning certificate (sport focused) and sport nutrition certificate. In January 2017 Lanalee got hired at Keyano College as a Personal trainer & group instructor. Shortly after in February 2017 Lanalee got her first contract with Alberta Sport Development Centre, since then teaching over 12 dozen contracts with a variety of sports such as Soccer, Figure skating, Football and the Keyano Huskies just to name a few, this is where her strong abilities and passion lays. 





Keegan Kuhr

Be Fit For Life Coordinator & Head Coach Men's Volleyball

Keegan Kuhr - Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition and Health


Originally from Fort McMurray, Keegan was a student at Father Patrick Mercredi High School where he excelled at sports. Keegan played first at Keyano College then moved on to SAIT where he was able to win a provincial championship and a silver medal at nationals. Keegan can currently be found working in the athletic offices, training at the SSWC, coaching the men's volleyball team or facilitating community outreach throughout the city.