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Tutoring Services

The Skill Centre tutoring services are available free of charge, on a drop in basis, to all registered  students at Keyano College.  Tutors are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9:00am  until 5:00pm, with additional evening and weekend hours available as posted.   Tutoring supports the classroom instruction, it cannot substitute for classroom attendance.   

To get the most from your tutoring sessions please:

  • bring your notes and text books - we need the context of the concepts you are covering
  • bring your course syllabus and any directions or handouts provided by your instructor - we would like to support your class instruction and it is helpful to know the methods used by your instructors
  • attempt your work and try to identify the areas in which you are having difficulty - bring these attempts,even if they have been unsuccessful, so that we can help you to identify where you may be taking a wrong direction
  • do not expect to get solutions to your assignments - we are happy to model similar problems and concepts but assessed work must be your own
  • do not wait until the last minute to seek out assistance, we like to help you early so that you have time to master concepts
  • be active in the tutoring process - expect to be working along with your tutor to find solutions and understand concepts
  • tell us if we are moving too quickly  or if concepts are not clear - we appreciate your feedback and are happy to change our approach
  • enjoy the process - learning is fun