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Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that is offered with specific courses at the college. The SI program provides an informal opportunity for students to work together to explore important concepts, review class notes, discuss assigned topics, practice test taking strategies and prepare for exams. These groups sessions are led by the SI Leader, a student, who has successfully completed the course, and takes the knowledge gained from the course experience to plan and facilitate group activities to help you master difficult course content. 


How do I participate in SI and what can I expect from an SI session?

The SI Leader will be attending your class and will announce the date, times and locations of the SI sessions.  The SI schedule is also available from your instructor, your SI Leader or by contacting the Skill Centre.  Attendance is completely voluntary and you are free to join sessions at any time during the academic year. 

Arrive to the SI sessions prepared to participate in group work with your classmates.  Bring your text and notes from class.  SI leaders will not be tutoring or teaching material that has been covered in class, they are in the group as facilitators, providing you and your classmates opportunities to explore, share, question, apply and engage with the concepts you have been covering in class.  These group sessions can introduce you to new study techniques and strategies, allow you to review and practice difficult material in a way that is fun and memorable, and provide for efficient use of your study time and better understanding of the material taught in class.


Check out the photos on the facebook page from the SI for Anatomy and Physiology Winter 2013 sessions to get an idea of the topics and group activities involved in SI