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Study Spaces

The Skill Centre is just one of many places on campus that students can use for study space.   The list below is an inventory of some of the more popular available study spots, the resources available at these locations, and what you can expect when you work in these areas.   

This resource is the result of a  Skill Centre and  SAKC joint Learning Innovation project on student study spaces.  The Skill Centre thanks the SAKC for all of their input and collaboration.  


Wireless internet is available on campus and all study spaces are wheelchair accessible.

Please abide by the Keyano College Rules of Conduct to help us foster an inclusive learning environment throughout the College. 

If you have lost an item, have concerns regarding personal safety, or need an escort to your vehicle, contact Security at 780-791-4911.

Not sure where these spaces are? Check out our Study Spaces Map 




Study Space #1 - Keyano Library

Noise Level 1 (quiet) - fixed seating

The library offers a combination of silent study and conversation zones. Students are able to work individually or in a collaborative group in designated zones.

Resources and Expectations:
Computers (30), photocopying, scanning, and additional printing  
   services in the vicinity.       
Individual study carrels (37 carrels and wireless internet is provided 
  throughout the school). 
Individual computer stations.
Group Study area.
Stress Relief area.

• Cooperative use of the space is expected.
• Cell phone use is encouraged in designated areas.


A relaxing environment for individual or group study. 
Increased concentration to complete assignments, review course 
work or meditate on your current and future successes. 
Bustling atmosphere, filled with conversation.
Food and beverages are allowed.
Individual computer station (4)
Fixed desk space.
•A useful, large space perfect for individual or group study.




Study Space #2 - Student Commons

Noise Level 5 (loud) - fixed and moveable seating


The Student Commons offers a space that can be used for individual/group study. Sit by the fire and enjoy the conversation style seating.

Resources and Expectations:

• Individual computer stations (4).
• Fixed desk space.

• Cooperative use of the space is expected.

• Bustling atmosphere, filled with conversation.

• Food and beverages are allowed.
• Relaxed environment.



A useful, large space perfect for individual or group study.
Experience a sense of student community.  






Study Space #3 - Information Commons

Noise Level 3-4 (quiet conversation) - fixed and moveable seating

The Information Commons is an area that offers a combination of fixed computer terminals and boardroom style seating. The area is perfect for finishing an essay or for hopping on the web to gather information for an upcoming project. 


Resources and Expectations:
Computers (34), printer, photocopy and ATM machines are available for use in the area.
Additional office supplies are available for use in the area.
Collaborative individual or group study spaces.
Comfortable soft seating.
Permitted cell phone usage.
Food and beverages allowed in designated areas only. 
Conversation is encouraged.
Food and beverages are permitted in designated areas.


Area provides an assortment technology related items for use.
A space for students to combine learning and technology with minimal distractions.        



Study Space #4 - Skill Centre

Noise Level 2-3 (quiet conversation) - fixed and moveable seating

The Skill Centre operates as a multi-purpose space by offering students the following: individualized tutoring from qualified professionals and peers; study groups providing academic support; individual or group study; a presentation preparation or group study room is available for reservation.

Resources and Expectations:
Computer, printer, photocopy services.
Computer stations (7) and table seating.
One on one tutoring for many academic subjects including: Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, English, Trade and Apprenticeship Studies.
Collaborative individual or group study spaces.
Private room available to be reserved for group study, presentation preparation or individual study review.
Ongoing facilitated study workshops providing information on essay development, APA/MLA/Chicago overviews and much more.
• Quiet conversation is encouraged.
• Cell phone use is permitted in designated areas.
• Food and beverages are permitted..


Comfortable and stimulating learning environment.
Participation in workshop increases academic performance.
Personalized assistance.





Study Space # 5 - Second Level Study Spaces

Noise Level 5 (loud) - fixed and moveable seating

The two Second Level Student Spaces offer students a place to relax in comfortable setting with modern soft seating while conversing with their peers or pursuing individual or group study. 

Resources and Expectations:

Second Level Student Gathering Locations:   Location 1 is adjacent to the Doug Schmidt Theatre;   Location 2 is located between classrooms CC229 and CC-215. 
Conversation friendly and  cell phone usage permitted.
Food and beverages permitted. 
Close proximity to beverage and snack vending machines.

• Cooperative use of the space is encouraged.


A medium sized space that is perfect for individual or group study.
Experience a sense of student community.










Study Space # 6 - Outdoor Gazebo

Noise Level 1 - 3 - fixed seating

The outdoor Doug MacRae Park Gazebo offers students a place to relax, reconnect with nature and reflect on all of your accomplishments this semester.  It is the perfect location to eat lunch or to decompress before or after an exam. 










Hidden Nooks & Crannies

The college offers lots of informal spaces that students can sit and read, review, or work on assignments.  We suggest you take a walk around and find the space that best suits you and your study needs.


Lobby near Keyano Theatre & the Art Gallery Lobby near Keyano Recital Theatre


Cafeteria Nook near Nursing/Student Commons

King's Lounge