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Add items to reserve

  1. Bring the reserve materials to the Library Circulation Desk
  2. Fill out the Reserve Form (must include date when items can be taken off reserve)
  3. Allow three working days for materials to be available for use


  • All books from the Library collection can be placed on reserve
  • Books should be collected by the instructor and presented to the Circulation Desk
  • Books in good condition that are the property of the instructor may also be placed in the reserve collection

Photocopied Material

  • It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure all photocopied material placed on reserve complies with Canadian copyright law.
  • The Library will supply duo tangs, folders, or binders to hold the photocopied material while it is in the reserve collection


  • Instructors should ensure the correct title of the video corresponds to the students' required viewing list
  • DVDs must be viewed by students while in the Library