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Book a Library Instructional Session

The Keyano College Library can help students learn a variety of research skills, including how to create a research topic, form effective search strategies, evaluating sources, as well as use and cite sources properly.

A variety of tours and instructional sessions are available year-round (including evening and summer classes). Tours and instructional sessions are tailored in format and content to meet the needs of the course and students. The librarian is available to come to your class, or if under 28 students, instruction can be held in the Keyano College Library's Computer Lab. 

Options for library sessions include:

  • short (20 minutes) tour to introduce students to the collection, study areas, and services available at the Library 
  • brief (5 minutes) drop-in to your class to introduce students to the services available at the Library 
  • short (10-45 minutes) in-class session(s) as an introduction to a basic research skill or course-related database
  • in-depth (50 minutes or longer) session(s) for more advanced research skills and database tutorials
  • session(s) arranged outside of your regular class time

When booking a tour or instructional session, please indicate the following in your email to the Information Librarian:

  1. Two possible dates and times for the session (please give two weeks notice when requesting a library instructional session that goes beyond a library tour)
  2. The approximate size of your class
  3. The year/level of the course
  4. What areas of research you would like to have highlighted (e.g. search strategies, citation, evaluating sources, databases, etc.)

If there is a specific assignment attached to this instruction, please include a copy of the assignment as well as course syllabus in your email.

Information Librarian:  Sarah Schmidt   |   |   780.791.8911