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Donation Policy


1.    The Library may generally accept donations of books or other appropriate materials to the library under the following guidelines. Such donations may be accepted by any library staff member, but if there are questions these should be referred to the Manager, the Information Librarian, or the Coordinator of Library Technical Services.

1.1.      Donor must be informed of guidelines before accepting donation.

1.2.      No tax receipt for donation or other acknowledgement is requested by donor (but see 2 below).

1.3.      The majority of the items in the donation are appropriate for addition to the Library’s collection.

1.4.      Materials are in good condition. The Library reserves the right to refuse any donation or part of a donation at the time of its arrival at the  Library.

1.5.      Donated materials will only be added to the collection if they fall under the Library’s collection policy. Donated materials not added to the collection will be placed on the free books table. After an appropriate period any donated materials not removed from the free book table by patrons will be discarded.

1.6.      Donated items not taken from the free book table will not be returned to donor. Donors must decide whether or not to donate all  materials at the time of donation.

2.     In exceptional circumstances, for materials of special historical or other value, donations may be accepted and a receipt for its value for tax purposes issued, in conjunction with the Keyano College Foundation, and following College policy 6.9, Solicitation of Donations, particularly subsections 6.9.2, Donations Acceptance, and, Gift-in-Kind Acceptance.

2.1.      The decision to accept a donation for tax purposes must be made by the Manager in consultation with the Foundation and others  according to policy

2.1.1.   In the case of the Manager’s lengthy absence any person acting in his or her place may make this decision with the appropriate    consultation.

2.2.      The method of valuing donated materials will be agreed upon by the Manager, the Foundation and the donor before acceptance of the  donation.