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Our Mandate

Learning Innovation focuses on four areas in alignment with the College Goals and the Academic Plan. Learning Innovation:

  • Promotes excellence in Learning and Instructional Design to ensure Keyano College is a leading post secondary institution in these areas.
  • Administers the Program Review processes to maintain high quality delivery of academic programs.
  • Develops and implements necessary professional development activities that inspire excellence in learning.
  • Supports innovations in promoting alternative teaching methodologies that contribute to students’ learning and success. The term “learners” means our students as well as Faculty and Staff.

The Team

  • Tanya Lopez, Director, Learning Innovation and Library Services      
  • Sandra Bessey, Learning & Development Specialist
  • Lynn Clarke, Learning & Development Specialist
  • Mark Elliott, Learning & Development Specialist
  • Peter Hanson, Learning & Development Specialist
  • Violet Paul, eLearning Administrator 
  • Kassandra Plante, Research Analyst
  • Linda Raymond-Hagen, eLearning Curriculum Specialist


Contact Us

Phone: (780) 715-3904


Location: Clearwater Campus, 2nd Floor, Room CC260