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Student Network Account

If you registered via APAS or SelfService, this account was provided to you upon registration.  If you registered in person at the office of the registrar, this account was sent to you in your registration package.

The format of your Student account is as follows:


Where the first name is the first 8 characters of your first name, lastname is the first 8 characters of your last name and NNN is a randomly generated 3 digit number.


The new username for Alexander Witherington might be : Alexande.Witherto876


I Forgot my Password?

If you forget your password and are on campus, go to the Info-Commons, Library or ITS Helpdesk and an assistant will reset your password.  You will need to present your Student ID Card.

If you are not on campus, please contact the ITS helpdesk at 780-791-4965 to have your password reset.  You will be asked verification questions to verify your identity.

What is my initial Password?

Your initial password looks like this: firstname_initial$lastname_initial$ddmmyyyy

Where ddmmyyyy is your numerical date of birth. Passwords are case sensitive. All characters in the initial password are lowercase.

Example: Alexander Witherington was born on September 1st, 1990, his password would be: A&W$01091990 

How do I reset my Password?

You can reset your password by loging into any Keyano student computer and pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and selecting “Change a Password” or from off campus by going to the following website:

For security purposes, password must be reset every 90 days and must meet the following criteria:

  • 7 character minimum and 3 of the 4 conditions met:
    • minimum of 1 Uppercase letter
    • minimum of 1 Lowercase letter
    • minimum of 1 Number
    • minimum of 1 Symbol