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iLearn FAQ

Why can't I log in?


There could be many reasons but the most probable are

  • you have simply forgotton your password,

  • you are trying the wrong one or

  • you are entering it incorrectly.

Some other things to think about include:

  • Does your username or password contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters? Passwords are case sensitive, so you must use the correct cases.

  • Check if cookies are enabled on your browse.

I just changed my password in SelfService, did my password change in iLearn?



How can I change my iLearn password?


Change your password on any College computer and it will change on iLearn as well.

I am a new student and cannot access iLearn courses. Why?


iLearn gets its students' information from Keyano SelfService system. Usually it takes one working day to update iLearn records. Be patient. Check with Keyano ITS Helpdesk if you cannot access it 2 days after your name appears in the class list.


I just registered for a course, why it does not appear on My Courses in iLearn?


There could be two reasons for this:


  1. You need to enroll your self in the course. Check "How do I enroll myself in courses".
  2. Your instructor did not enroll you in the course. Check with your instructor to see if you need an enroll key then follow the "How do I enroll myself in courses".

Why my classes don’t show up?


After you log in, you should see a list of iLearn courses in which you’re enrolled.
There is a delay between when you register for a course and when you’re registered in iLearn. Usually it takes one working day before you are registered in iLearn.


There may be other reasons why some of your courses aren’t showing up:


  • You may not be registered for the course. Log in to SelfServices (, and verify that you’re properly enrolled.

  • The instructor may not be using iLearn for your course, or may not be teaching it online at all. Check with your instructor.

  • The instructor may not have made the course available yet, especially if this is before the start of the term. Courses are hidden from students until instructors explicitly make them available, and many instructors continue to work on their courses until the term starts. 


If a course is still not visible after the first day of the term and you know that it’s being taught in iLearn, you may want to report the problem to the ITS Help Desk (email: its.helpdesk@keyano.csa). Staff at the ITS Helpdesk may be able to alert the instructor to the problem, but they cannot actually activate the course (that is the instructor’s responsibility).

How do I gain access to a course?


Locate or search for the desired course (you can click 'All courses...' in the 'My courses' block) and click on the course name. If your teacher has given you an enrollment key, enter it when prompted, and click Enroll me in this course. Once you are enrolled in a course, it will appear under "My courses" any time that your are logged into that Moodle site.

How do I jump between my courses?


  • You may use the 'My Courses' block if it has been added to the course page.

  • Alternatively, go back to the iLearn homepage (see below) and then use the "My Courses" block.

How do I get back to the homepage?


Click on "iLearn" on the breadcrumbs links found at the top of the page.

How do I find a specific course ?


Go to iLearn homepage, click on "All Courses" found at the bottom of the page, then surf your way to the course. You may use the search feature to locate the course quickly.



Course Contents

Where have all of the weeks / topics gone?


You have probably clicked on the Collapse icon. To reveal all of the other weeks / topics you need to click on the Expand icon which you will see in the right margin of the week / topic. You can also use the dropdown box underneath the displayed week / topic to jump to a hidden section

Assignments and Grades

Why is there no upload box?


This is either because:

  • The assignment has now closed
  • The assignment is not yet open