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Moodle also known as ILearn is a website used in several courses to deliver course materials.  Your instructor will let you know if you use Moodle.  The Moodle website is:

Login to your account

To access your online course, you will need to access the iLearn page and login to your account with your College user name and password. After a successful login you will be able to change your password. The homepage for iLearn at Keyano is

Your system generated user name is usually your first name followed by a dot followed by your last name followed by the last 3 digits of your Keyano ID. For example, Lindsey Smith whose ID is 981234 will have lindsey.smith234 as a user name.

After login, you will be directed to your "My Courses" homepage. In the center of the page is a list of all courses you are registered for in the current term. This page will occasionally be updated with global and course-specific announcements. Please check this page for updates before entering your courses.


Change your Password

iLearn uses the same user name server as the one used in the college. When you change your password on any computer at the college, your Moodle password will be updated within 2 hours.

To change your password, login successfully to any computer in the college. Press "Control + Alt + Delete" at the same time. Choose "Change Password" then follow the steps.

For further information about your login or password, visit the InfoCommons or the Library to talk to someone about them or email ITS Helpdesk.

Your iLearn Profile

The second thing you must do (after changing your password) is to update your iLearn profile. Check the "Your iLearn Profile" section in Moodle's Orientation course for more details.

Logging Out

Be sure to use the "LOGOUT "text links on the top navigation bars to log out of your course. This step is especially important if you go to any public computer to access your online course.



For course specific questions, please contact the instructor.

For technical problems, contact our Help Desk at 780 791 4965 or e-mail Their support operates weekdays from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm only.