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How to Log On to a Keyano Computer

If you are a student:

  • A Keyano Student Account is required to log onto any computer on campus.
  • Your Student Account is created by IT Services using a combination of your first and last name and a randomly generated 3 digit number. It will have this format:
    • First_Name.Last_Name123, E.g.  Henry.Smith123 (no spaces & not case sensitive)
  • The network system will only allow a maximum of 20 characters including the decimal, so if you have a very long name it will be shortened. Please come to the Circulation Desk at the Library for help if this is the case (photo ID will be required).
  • The initial default password that the network system creates for you will have this format:
  1.      First Name:             Henry (h$) 
  2.      Last Name:             Smith (s$)
  3.      Birthday:                 January, 5, 1990 (05011990)
  4.      Initial Password:      h$s$05011990 
  • If you successfully log onto a computer with your default password you will immediately be prompted to change your password.
  • Your password must contain a minimum of 7 characters and needs to meet 3 of the 4 conditions below:

1.       Minimum of 1 Upper-case Letter.

2.       Minimum of 1 Lower-case Letter.

3.       Minimum of 1 Number.

4.       Minimum of 1 Symbol, for example (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,),<,>,?,{,}[,],\,/). 

  • Your activated Student Account is used to access the following:

1.       Self Service,

2.       Moodle/iLearn,

3.       Student email,

4.       Student Wireless, KCWIFI

5.       Computers on Campus

  • Your Student Account will always remain the same, but your unique password can be changed any time. Passwords expire after 90 days.
  • Assistance in changing passwords can be obtained at the Circulation Desk in the Library or by contacting ITS helpdesk at email: or call ITS helpdesk at: 780 791-4965
  • Your student email has also been created and will be activated within 24-hours.
  •  Photo ID will be required.

If you are NOT a student:

  • On campus, access to computers for guests is restricted to specific computers in the Library during Library hours. Access to the wireless network (KCWiFi) is restricted to the Library as well.
  • Photo ID is required every time a guest wishes to use a computer or the wireless network.
  • Library staff will create a temporary login and will remotely start the computer or enter the temporary access on the wireless device.
  • Guests are expected to read, sign and abide by the Statement of Appropriate Use and our Library Rules of Etiquette.