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Information Commons Guidelines

The Information Commons is a computer lab in the Syncrude Technology Centre of Keyano College.  It is a service provided to students and staff for emailing, printing, and research.  This area is for Keyano staff and students only.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when making use of this area:

  • Viewing inappropriate materials will be dealt with severely in accordance with the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities and Policies.
  • Keyano College reserves the right to monitor all computers in the Information Commons computer lab for violations of computer usage rules.
  • Users are to assume a reasonable level of quietness.
  • Online gaming involving multiple players or teams is not allowed.
  • Please set cell phones to silent or vibrate.
  • Keyano College is not responsible for stolen or lost items.  Do not leave items unattended (check eith Security for missing items)
  • Do not save documents to the hard drives.
  • No downloading of music or programs at any time.
  • Do not alter the state of the computer or its components.
  • Headphones must be used when listening to music or using computer programs with audio components.