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How to Use Library/Info Commons Photocopiers

There are two coin-operated, public photocopiers: one in the Information Commons and the other in the Library.

Cost to photocopy:

  • Black and White - $0.15 per side
  • Colour - $0.50 per side

To use the photocopiers:

  1. Insert coins into the coin box. It takes all Canadian coins except pennies. You can insert enough coins for multiple pages/copies.
  2. Place your original either face down on the glass in the upper left corner or face up in the feeder. For faster copying, you can place multiple pages in the feeder.
  3. Choose the desired settings.
    Keyano library photocopiers
  4. Enter the number of copies using the number keys.
  5. Press the green Start key.
  6. Press the plunger down to return any change.