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Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program

Our Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program provides opportunities, opens doors, and supports students with developmental disabilities in a program of studies and College life.

Overview of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program (IPSE)

The IPSE program at Keyano College supports students who have developmental disabilities. The student is included in regular programs of study and in campus life. With the support of the Educational Assistant, classmates, and other staff members, students will have the opportunity to audit courses in their program of choice and join and become comfortable in teams, clubs, social events and recreational activities.

Students will:

  • learn more about a topic in which they are interested
  • make friends and meet new people
  • gain knowledge and obtain employment
  • increase their independence and self-identity
  • take a fitness class to help them exercise and learn more about their health
  • have new experiences that enrich their lives

How does IPSE work?

When you become an auditing student...

Students choose to be an auditing student for many different reasons. To be a participatory auditing student means that you will go to classes, do homework, complete assignments and write exams. The class work will be modified to your level of comfort and understanding to provide you with the most beneficial learning experience. You will not have your work or exams graded, but you will be updated regularly on how you are doing in the course.

How will the IPSE Educational Assistant help me?

  • Help you to learn about the campus and assist you in finding your way around the College
  • Support you to understand the class work, assignments and exams
  • Assist you in finding things on campus that suit your interests and activities that you would like to try out (Sport & Wellness Centre, sports teams, clubs etc.)
  • Help you meet other students in your class and on campus
  • It is the job of the Educational Assistant and staff to support you in learning how to make your own decisions. These decisions might be about classes, activities, how you will spend your free time, and so on. The EA will do his/her best to make sure you have all the information you need to make the choice you feel is best for you
  • To answer any questions that you might have
  • To accompany you to the Sport & Wellness Centre, Lounge, meetings or any other outings where you would like to have support

Tips for Success!

  1. School is your number 1 job – successful students promise to do what it takes to be successful
  2. Be here now – on time, always
  3. Always hand in work – do the best you can and hand it in by the due date
  4. Make your instructor your ally – your instructors want you to succeed; students who talk to and build a positive relationship with their instructor will feel more comfortable asking questions and seeking help when needed
  5. Walk away from trouble – stay positive and surround yourself with other students who are working hard to be successful… choose your friends wisely
  6. Ask for help early and often – don’t wait until you fall behind, ask for help right away
  7. Stay healthy – get lots of sleep, eat right and exercise regularly
  8. Budget – money, or lack of it, can be a huge stress for students
  9. Social support – get involved with study groups or clubs, and maintain a good relationship with your family and friends
  10.  Have fun – go to the movies, join a team, or go watch a Huskies game... create a balance in your life

Contact Information

Please call 780-791-4980 or email for further information about the IPSE Program.