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Financial Assistance Options Provided by Student Services, Counselling and Disability Services

Passport to Success

Passport to Success is an award designed for eligible Keyano College students who are single parents of dependent children. They must be enrolled in a certificate or diploma program and must be unable to access student loan programs without undue hardship. The long-term goal of the Anonymous Donor Group and Nexen is to provide financial support for low income families to attend postsecondary and enhance their opportunity to experience higher earning power and job satisfaction. Recipients of the scholarship are eligible to receive tuition costs for themselves, as well as full or partial living expenses for themselves and their families while they are in school, for a maximum of two years. For more information, download a copy of Passport to Success Scholarship and the Terms for Maintaining Scholarship, or come in and speak with a Keyano College Counsellor.

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The Passport to Success Program is funded by an Anonymous Donor and matched by Nexen

Hot Lunch Program

 We are proud to assist students who are experiencing difficulty meeting one of our most basic needs- nutrition. Keyano College students can receive hot lunch vouchers for King’s Lounge from Counselling and Disability Services Staff, with no questions asked. Because of the generosity of Shell Canada, we are able to provide this program to students.

For more information regarding the Hot Lunch Program, please come and speak with someone in Student Services, Counselling and Accessibility Services or call 780-791-8934.

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Jane Hebert Student Emergency Loan Fund

Keyano College has funds available to assist current, full-time students who are experiencing financial difficulties. To be eligible for assistance, students must be in good academic and financial standing. The Jane Hebert Student Emergency Loan Fund program assumes that students have prepared for their academic expenses, and that the emergency financial assistance cannot be used to pay for tuition, fees, books/supplies, vehicle repairs, or basic living allowances.

To inquire about the Jane Hebert Student Emergency Loan Fund, please come and speak with someone at Student Services, Counselling and Accessibility Services or call 780-791-8934.