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Dianne Paré: Enriching lives as a Theatre Angel

Author: Greg Bennett/Tuesday, April 03, 2018/Categories: Keyano College General, Theatre & Arts Centre

An important part of our mission is to enrich people’s lives. As an actor, musician, teacher, and music director, Dianne Paré sees this happen first-hand.

She helps provide thoughtful and engaging comedy, drama, and music to our region as a member of the Keyano Theatre Company. In her work as Music Director for Drama Force, Dianne also helps local youth enjoy exciting theatrical learning experiences as well as creative performance opportunities.

Her involvement is many-sided; her life is equally enriched by the theatre. Through it, she has built important bonds with her fellow cast members and crewmates—ties that have endured.

This year, while experiencing the single hardest year of her life, Dianne still auditioned for upcoming productions. During this time, support from other performers, staff and directors—people she calls dear friends—was very meaningful and appreciated.

When encouraging her students to become a part of this unique community, she holds herself out as an example of how the theatre has the power to change lives. She has also personally witnessed profound transformations in others.

She is an integral part of our theatre community, and Dianne is also proud to call herself a Theatre Angel.

The Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre very much values her friendship. Through Theatre Angels, she supports all productions. Everything the patrons see, including the quality sets, props, and costumes as well as the opportunities to gain experience under talented industry professionals, such as directors, designers, and choreographers are affected by her and other Angels’ support.

These shows bring laughter, drama, music, and inspiration as well as exciting theatrical learning experiences and creative performance opportunities to our community. For Dianne and others, these productions also build important bonds—ties that last lifetimes.

While you may not want to join her on stage, your financial support of community theatre is as important for our productions. We need more Theatre Angels like Dianne. For a KTC show run, ticket sales only cover 41% of the full costs. Everything adds up: one can of scenic paint is $78, while royalties and rights to a Drama Series production may range from $2,000 to $20,000.

To continue to provide quality programming, initiatives, and services to our region, our goal is to raise $40,000 in this year’s Theatre Angel campaign.

Enhance our region’s quality of life; join with us, make a donation today and become a Theatre Angel. for more information, please visit our Theatre Angel page on our website.


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