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Meet the Huskies: Sarah MacDonald

Author: Jorden Puzzella/Tuesday, January 23, 2018/Categories: Keyano College General, Huskies

Meet the Captain of the Keyano Huskies Women's Basketball team, Sarah MacDonald.


Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Position: Guard #12

Program: Environmental Technology – Year: 4


Q: What brought you to Keyano College?

I played Basketball back home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and decided to come to Keyano College to try something new. Actually, I came here five years ago. I played for a year, sat for two, then returned after the wildfire and evacuation to play again.

Q: What do you like the most about living in Fort McMurray?

I like the small community and that it’s a lot like Nova Scotia. Fort McMurray has this family atmosphere, and I like going to school at Keyano.

Q: Where do you see yourself after graduating?

Eventually moving back to Nova Scotia, that’s the goal. To go back home and be closer to family.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about being on the Keyano Huskies Women’s Basketball team?

The most rewarding thing is accomplishing goals with teammates and working hard all season long to reach a goal that we all want to reach. It’s doing it together as a team, because it’d be a lot less fun doing it on my own.

Q: Who has had the most influence on your career?

My Parents.

They always wanted me to play basketball, because they played sports and believed in me more than anyone else. My parents were great role models and it’s because they worked so hard, that I work hard in everything I do too.

Q: In addition to winning a Championship, does your team have other goals? What are they?

I think, by bringing our all and putting everyone in a place to succeed, we can take what we’ve learned and be the best that we can be as people and athletes, and that’s a goal we all work towards.

Q: Imagine you’ve received a national award five years from now. Can you tell me why you received this award and what it’s called?

It would be for inspiring others to succeed, that’s my main goal in life. By encouraging others, let’s say if they miss a shot, I’d say that’s okay, you can make the next one, or if they do poorly on a test.  I’d encourage them to study and prepare for the next one, or if they fail a class, that’s okay, school will still be here and you can try again. Everyone can be successful, so I try to inspire others.

Q: Who is the (Funniest / Most Athletic / Compassionate) teammate?

Funniest: Danny MacLellan #22 & Aliyah Johnson #8

Most Athletic: Augusta “Gus” Kievisaite #9 & Aliyah Johnson #8

Compassionate: Sam Myschuk #13

Q: Favourite sports team: Boston Celtics.

Q: Favourite show: Bob’s Burgers or Family Guy.

Q: Favourite book, series or author: My favourite book is The Alchemist.

Q: What’s on your playlist right now: I’ve been listening to a lot of Khalid.

Q: What do you listen to on game day: Questions by Chris Brown…it’s sort of a ritual.

Q: Do you have any game day rituals: Yeah, I like to make sure that I am calm, by either meditating or I’ll do some yoga.


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