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Keyano staff and students work together for Stress Less Week

Author: Greg Bennett/Tuesday, December 12, 2017/Categories: Keyano College General

An important part of the Keyano College wellness team’s job is helping students reduce their stress levels for their exams. Often, when students are preparing for and writing exams many feel overwhelmed, extremely busy, and tired. 

In collaboration with the Student’s Association of Keyano College (SAKC) and partner agencies, an annual campaign focuses on reducing students’ anxiety and stress during exams.

“There is a direct link between mental wellness and academic success” says Natali Levasseur, Mental Health Coordinator of Student Academic Support Services at Keyano College.

To launch the Stress Less campaign, students, faculty, and staff were invited to King’s Lounge on Tuesday, December 5 where the RMWB Recovery Task Force put on their Christmas aprons and cooking “cramcake” (Pancake) breakfast for everyone. 

Students were also encouraged to take breaks and distract themselves, including interacting with dogs with  a visits by the Paws for Therapy dogs.

“Research shows that petting an animal is a calming and effective way to reduce anxiety or stress,” said Jane Barter, Mental Health Coordinator of Student Academic Support Services at Keyano College.

The RMWB Recovery Task Force also brought students free continental breakfast for several mornings.

“Healthy food helps students focus and keep their energy at an optimal level, research shows that students who eat breakfast, perform better in their exams,” noted Levasseur.

Another “stress less” activity offered was Heart Math.  This breathing technique helps students learn how to train themselves to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence.  This program blends breathing exercises with technology, including prompts and visual cues on student’s emotional state. Heart Math can help with concentration, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

As part of Stress Less Week, the student association introduced the “Pink Elephant Campaign” to raise awareness on mental health and reduce stigma, opening a conversation on mental health. 

Keyano College is a supportive community. If you need to talk to someone, please visit the Student Academic Support Services at Keyano College Clearwater Campus.



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