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Supporting Keyano Theatre in memory of an Angel

Author: Greg Bennett/Thursday, December 07, 2017/Categories: Keyano College General, Theatre & Arts Centre

It’s sometimes hard for Bill Brook to express in words why he passionately supports the Theatre Angels program.

While it offers him a way to give back to his community and to show his appreciation for Keyano Theatre, his reasons are also very personal and are enveloped in the memory of his wife Christina.  

“It was never my intent to be singled out or recognized for contributing to this program, as it truly is my pleasure to give back as a small token of appreciation for all that the theatre has provided to me personally—an enrichment to my very core—and just one way in which I can honour my wife in her pursuit of her life’s passion with the Arts,” he says.

Her devotion to the theatre was infectious, and it left a deep and lasting impression on him. Christina loved everything about the Keyano Theatre. She worked there for a decade, first part time selling tickets and then as a full-time employee in the front office. Bill says she never considered her work as a job, but more of a pursuit of passion.

She enjoyed the productions and events and all of the work behind the scenes. It was an overall passion and sense of accomplishment that drove her to excel. Once the work behind the scenes was complete, Christina would watch people’s responses to the show, knowing that in some small or large way she was a part of all of this.

It was through his Christina’s love of theatre, that Bill found his own appreciation and understanding of its importance to the community.

“I was never one that gave the arts a second thought before meeting her. She opened up a whole new world to me, showed me all the nuances that it takes to pull off a production and gave me a broader understanding for the arts overall.”

She often contributed to the Theatre Angel program, and canvased patrons to garner financial support; ensuring that the theatre would not just survive, but thrive through the help of the community she was born and raised in, a place that she was proud to call home.

Today, Bill continues to support the Keyano Theatre in her memory as a Theatre Angel.

“I felt that this was one of the best ways that I could honour her and her passion by supporting our local theatre. If it wasn’t for the Theatre Angel program, many productions would just not be available in the Wood Buffalo region. I believe it is now more important than ever that programs of this nature raise their voice and be heard.”

Become a Theatre Angel. Donate on or before December 31st to qualify for a 2017 tax receipt. Click the link to donate now. 


Thank you for taking the time to read Bill’s story. I am sharing it with you because it speaks to the heart of our campaign. He said it very well:  “If it wasn’t for the Theatre Angel program, many productions would just not be available in the Wood Buffalo region.” A vital part of our mission is to enrich the lives of people in our community. To do that, we are aiming to raise $45,000 for this year’s campaign. Your support of Community Theatre is needed now more than ever. Give today so we can continue to enhance our region’s quality of life.


Learn more about the Theatre Angels program


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