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Keyano College celebrates first phase of Clearwater Hall upgrade

Author: Greg Bennett/Thursday, August 24, 2017/Categories: Keyano College General

First phase of $4-million renovation completed at Keyano’s Clearwater Hall

(Fort McMurray, AB) Keyano College’s towering, on-campus residence – Clearwater Hall – is ready for students to return with the completion of the first phase of a major renovation.

Built in 1983, this 20 unit facility, housing 118 students, had not received any major upgrades since its original construction. Keyano’s Board of Governors approved the $4-million renovation project to be competed in two phases, with the Stirling Group being the prime contractor and RBC the financing partner. Work began mid-May to minimize student impact.

“We are very excited to reveal the totally refurbished Clearwater Hall,” said Keyano College President and CEO, Tracy Edwards. “We believe that providing market focused programs and comfortable, modern and inviting housing, this will attract quality students.”

The project has involved new plumbing throughout, upgraded electrical, and new windows in the suites. Kitchens and bathrooms were modernized with new fixtures and cabinetry. Flooring was replaced throughout. The interior was freshly painted, and the Student Association worked with the college to choose the appealing colour scheme. Each dorm has beautifully built in bedframes, desks and open concept shelving, and furniture in the living areas has been replaced. As an added bonus, upgraded Wi-Fi is available in all the rooms, as well as energy efficient LED lighting throughout the building. 

A major change has also been made to the lobby area of Clearwater Hall. The lobby area will now be open for campus and the public; a security desk will be present in the open public area of Clearwater Hall, and keys or access cards will be required to enter the proper residence area.  Security will be increased with additional lighting and cameras in the stairwells. 

Phase two, upgrading and modernization of the elevators will be completed in the summer of 2018.

This exercise will extend the life of the building for 25 years while providing Keyano students an open, attractive, safe, comfortable, and affordable place to live. This important upgrade will also save the college costs on energy and maintenance.

Some project facts

  • Constructed in 1983, Clearwater Hall has 20 suites including 118 bedrooms
  • Clearwater Hall is the preferred home of athletes, first year and international students
  • Significant deferred maintenance was required to refresh/refurbish Clearwater Hall
  • Board of Governors approved the $4 million project to be completed in two phases with the Stirling Group being prime contractor, and RBC our financing partner
  • This project aligns with the Colleges’ Comprehensive Institution Plan (CIP), specifically the CIP focus area – “Enhance the Student Experience” and Priority Initiative – “Enhance and Expand Student Housing Options”
  • Phase One work includes the refurbishment of Clearwater Hall, elevator door and cab upgrades; Phase Two, upgrading and modernization of the elevators, will be completed in summer of 2018 due to order lead times for the equipment.
  • To minimize student impact Phase One work was completed while the residence was typically at a much lower occupancy rate, early May to mid-August.


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Communications Coordinator

Keyano College


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