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Awards & Scholarships

The Student Awards program provides financial support to students entering or continuing a program at Keyano College. The awards are granted to students in recognition of their academic achievement, financial need, leadership, and community involvement.

Look for awards and scholarships on our website or download the Awards Booklet HERE.

Submit the online Application form HERE.


Athletic Awards

There are awarded to students who participate in ACAC, tournament and league sports.


Entrance Awards

These awards are for students that have recently graduated from a High School in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and entering first year, full-time studies in a Keyano College post-secondary program in the Fall Semester. Entrance Awards applications for the 2017-2018 academic year will be available online, in the Office of the Registrar or from your High School Counsellors in April 2017. To download the form, click HERE.


Excellence Scholarships

These are awarded to students with a combined average of 80% or higher in five core Grade 12 courses.
Students with an 80% average or higher (with no individual mark below a score of 70%) in five core Grade 12 courses will be granted an Excellence Scholarship.

The scholarship is valued to the maximum tuition amount of $3,986 for 2017/18.

To be eligible for the Excellence Scholarship you must:

  • Graduate from a high school within the Municipality of Wood Buffalo in 2017.
  • Achieve an average of 80% or higher (with no individual mark below a score of 70%) in five core Grade 12 courses.
  • Be admitted and registered as a full-time student before August 15.
  • Ensure Keyano College receives your official transcripts from the Department of Education no later than August 15.

Calculating your average

Calculation will be based on five core Grade 12 subjects that are applicable to the program taken at Keyano College.
There is no need to apply for this award; your high school transcript is automatically evaluated if the College receives it by August 15th and you will be notified of your eligibility before the academic year begins. Please note that Students are responsible for paying associated fees (students' association, athletic, registration, health and dental, books, materials, and lab).

For further information please contact the Financial Aid & Student Award Coordinator at 780-791-4894.


Exiting Awards

These are for students who are required to leave Keyano College in order to complete their programs of studies at another post-secondary institution. A list of Exit Awards can be found in the Awards Booklet. 


External Awards

These awards are provided by outside sources. For tips that can help you apply for external scholarships, click HERE.


Passport to Success

This is an award designed for eligible Keyano College students who are single parents of dependent children. They must be enrolled in a certificate or diploma program and must be unable to access student loan programs without undue hardship. The long-term goal of the Anonymous Donor Group and Nexen Inc. is to provide financial support for low income families to attend postsecondary and enhance their opportunity to experience higher earning power and job satisfaction. Recipients of the scholarship are eligible to receive tuition costs for themselves, as well as full or partial living expenses for themselves and their families while they are in school, for a maximum of two years. For more information, download a copy of Passport to Success Scholarship and the Terms for Maintaining Scholarship , or come in and speak with a Keyano College Counsellor.