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Appendix A: Individual Rights Advisors

  1. Nominations for Individual Rights Advisors shall be made by the members of the College Community to the Advisory Committee on Individual Rights.
  2. A minimum of four advisors (including both males and females) shall be selected by the Advisory Committee or its designees from among the Nominees.
  3. The advisors will serve for a term of at least two years.
  4. The recommended qualities to be considered in the selection of an advisor will include:
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Experience in problem solving and conflict resolution
    • Experience working with people
    • Assertiveness skills
    • Experience in a leadership role
    • Accessibility
  5. Training will be provided for those chosen to be Individual Rights Advisors by the College. This training may be done by former or current advisors. Advisors will also be encouraged to attend training seminars provided by the College or at other institutions, including conferences.
  6. Individual Rights Advisors have the following responsibilities:
    • to clarify the definition of harassment
    • to hear complaints and work with those involved in order to stop the alleged discrimination/harassment;
    • to support, not advocate for, the complainant through the complaint process;
    • to support, not advocate for, the respondent through the complaint process;
    • to identify and review the level one and level two options available for resolving the complaint;
    • to work confidentially while investigating and resolving a complaint. The Individual Rights Advisor will meet with the person alleged to be causing the discrimination/harassment and any other individuals who may have information or may be able to assist in the resolution process;
    • to encourage level one resolutions of the complaint wherever appropriate.
    • to assist the complainant with formulating a written complaint (either level two or level one) if that is requested.
    • to keep written documentation of the number of complaints for record keeping and statistical purposes only.  These statistics will be forwarded to the Executive Committee
    • to make a level one follow-up with the complainant to determine if any further assistance may be required
    • to present a written annual report to the Advisory Committee on Individual Rights
    • to sit as a member (ex-officio) of the Advisory Committee on Individual Rights.