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Students' Computer Usage Agreement

All Keyano College computers, electronic communication systems, and software furnished to you are the property of Keyano College and are intended for academic and administrative use only. It is important to remember that access to the Internet and shared system resources is a privilege and not a right.

The following regulations shall apply to all Keyano College students regarding the use of the aforementioned systems:

  • Keyano College prohibits the illegal duplication of software and documentation.
  • Privately owned or non-standardized software may not be installed on any Keyano College computer or network without the approval of the Chief Information Officer.
  • You are not permitted to use any code or password issued to another person in order to access, view, or retrieve information from any Keyano owned computing system.
  • You shall not give your Keyano Credentials (login account name nor password) to any other individual for any reason. You are responsible for any repercussion if your Keyano Electronic credentials are used by others. Protect your Keyano electronic credentials.
  • You shall not gain or attempt to gain access to any computer, network file server, network or system peripheral, email account, Internet site, computer or program file either inside or outside the College's network system without specific authority or rights to such access.
  • You shall have no expectation of privacy regarding computer files, email or Internet usage. Keyano College reserves the right to monitor all computer files, email and Internet use without prior notice.
  • Keyano College may restrict or discontinue access to some or all Internet and or network resources at any time without prior notice.
  • You shall not download, view, store or forward pornographic images or any other obscene or offensive materials.
  • Keyano College prohibits the use of computers in any manner that violate any laws including but not limited to the Criminal Code of Canada and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).
  • Keyano College prohibits the usage of its electronic communications system for commercial gain or profit or as an advertising medium for any non-Keyano College interest.
  • Keyano College does not provide a guarantee or warranty of any kind regarding system reliability.
  • Keyano College does not provide a guarantee or warranty of any kind that any information obtained from its electronic communications system is correct and free of errors.
  • Keyano College is not responsible for any personal damage as a result of loss of data, inaccuracy of data, delays in processing of data or non-delivery of data over its electronic communications system.
  • Keyano College is not responsible for any personal or material damage as a result of the use of 3rd party services like Microsoft Live services, Gmail email systems, or others.