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The Students’ Association of Keyano College (SAKC)

The Students’ Association of Keyano College is a service and advocacy based non-profit organization established under the Post-Secondary Learning Act (S.A. 2003. C.P-19.5) in order to protect the interests of students attending Keyano College.

The objectives of the Students’ Association of Keyano College are to provide for the administration of the student affairs at Keyano College, including the development and management of student committees and clubs, the development and management of rules relating to student affairs, and the promotion of the general welfare of the student body consistent with the purpose of the public post-secondary institution.

The SAKC has an Executive Council consisting of four Officers elected by the student body to serve as Executives in the following positions.

a)     President

b)     Vice President Internal Affairs

c)      Vice President External Affairs

d)     Vice President Student Affairs

The Executive Director is entitled to sit on the Executive Council in a non-voting capacity.

The purpose of the Executive Council is to represent the students’ interests and to present the Keyano College student voice to Keyano College, student lobbying organizations, other student governments, municipal, provincial, and federal governments, media and public. 

Read the SAKC monthly student publication, The Howler here: