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Welcome to Residence

Welcome to Keyano College Student Housing. Student housing is your home away from home and is only for full time students. It is a great place to meet new people, grow as an individual and learn new skills such as cooking, cleaning and even doing laundry…….all important life skills for the future.  

For most, living in student housing is something new. You will most likely meet a host of new people and will be living with people you haven’t met before. Living in student housing requires some adjustments, tolerance and patience. Remember that this too is potentially a new experience for your roommates as well. Be open, honest, courteous and respectful of your roommates.  

It is necessary for each resident to abide by the rules and maintain the standards of living in residence in order for a large group of students to live together and to function as a community in a new environment. If you have issues with your roommates try talking to them.  Remember to keep the lines of communication open.  If you are unable to solve your issues, please come and talk to one of our Residence Life Advisors.  

Welcome once again and we hope that you enjoy your time at Keyano College.  

The Keyano College Student Housing Department