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Current Students

Rental Rates

Riedel Place - Single Resident

$500.00 Per Month
$2000.00 Per Semester (Fall & Winter)
Damage Deposit: $500.00

Clearwater Hall - Single Resident

$600.00 Per Month
$2400.00 Per Semester (Fall & Winter)
Damage Deposit: $600.00

Penhorwood - Single Resident

$630.00 Per Month
$2520.00 Per Semester (Fall & Winter)
Utilities: $55.00 ($220.00 per semester)
Damage Deposit: $630.00

Non-Student Rate/Non-Credit Program

$775.00 Per Month ( + $55.00 utility fee at Penhorwood)
$500.00 Damage Deposit (Riedel Place)
$600.00 Damage Deposit (Clearwater Hall)
$630.00 Damage Deposit (Penhorwood)

Residence Fee Payments

Damage Deposits:

All residents are required to pay a damage deposit upon moving into student housing. Your deposit is refundable in whole or in part depending on the condition of your room/residence (including common areas) upon move out.Please note that if you have an outstanding amount owing to Housing, those amounts will also be taken from your security deposit. 

Rent Payments:

Single students are required to pay their first semester upon move in, including the required damage deposit. If applicable the student is required to pay the second semester of rent in full at least 14 days prior to the start of the second semester.

Please note that if  you are in arrears for tuition fees, you are ineligible to remain in student housing as student housing is only for full time students. The policy for the College is that tuition must be paid in full prior to acceptance and/or continuation in student housing.

Payment Terms:

Rent can be paid through on-line banking only.

On-line Banking Procedures:

Housing rental fees, damage deposits and tuition fees owing to Keyano College should be paid by on-line banking. If you bank at TD, CIBC, RBC, BMO or Credit Unions, you can make your payments using the bill payment option available in your on-line banking. The procedures are as follows:

  • Log in to your on-line banking if you deal with the banks mentioned above and any Credit Union.
  • Select the option: "pay bills"
  • Select "add payee" and you will be prompted to enter the payee name
  • Type in "Key" or "Keyano" and click search
  • Select Keyano College - Housing Rent or Keyano College - Tuition fee as the case may be. 
  • System will prompt for Payee Account - Type in your student number (9 digits)
  • Follow system prompts to complete payment.