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General Parking

All vehicles parking in Keyano College parking lots require a parking pass. Parking at Riedel apartments and townhouses and Penhorwood townhouses is free; however, you will still require a parking pass. Paid parking at Clearwater Hall is in effect.  All parking passes must be displayed at all times in the front window of your vehicle.

Parking passes can be issued one of three ways: 

  1. Daily Campus Parking: through ticket kiosks located in parking lots; valid until midnight on the day of purchase.
  2. Parking Pass: Can be purchased at the Security office valid for general parking at both Clearwater Campus and SEIC Campus but does not have specific stall.
  3. Housing Issued Parking Pass: Clearwater issued passes can be purchased and are valid for a specific parking stall and the SEIC Campus but not at any of the townhouse locations. Riedel and Penhorwood parking passes are free; however, these passes are not valid at either Keyano Campus locations.
General Parking Pass Cost (Gst Included)
Daily (through meters) $2.00
Security Issued
1 Year Pass $193.15
2 Semester Pass $154.52
1 Semester Pass $77.26
3 Month Pass $59.43
2 Month Pass $39.62
1 Month Pass $24.76
2 Week Pass $12.87
Single Housing Issued
Clearwater Hall Plug In $40.00 Per Month
Clearwater Hall Non-Plug In $30.00 Per Month