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Moving Out

Moving Out Confirmation 

Vacating Residence 

Any student withdrawing from or moving out of residence is required to: 

  • Complete a Move-Out form, including a forwarding address 
  • Remove all belongings from residence 
  • Return keys and parking tag (if applicable) 
  • Remove all garbage from the unit 
  • Clean the unit and bedroom to meet the residence inspection standards 
  • Lock your bedroom door upon leaving. 
  • Contact businesses to change your address (banks, employer, Service Canada, cable, internet, phone, loan Institutions, magazine companies, etc.)   

N.B. If you are moving out after office hours or on a weekend, please put your keys/parking tag in an envelope with your name, unit and room number and date of move-out on the envelope. Put the envelope in the mail slot at the Housing Office or return it to Campus Security.  Failure to meet these conditions may result in deductions from your damage deposit or you will be invoiced for the labor, material and applicable charges to complete said work.