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Moving In

Moving In:
To move in you must first set up a move in date with the Housing Office. If you are unable to make your scheduled move in time please contact the Housing Office at (780) 791-4929.
The Housing Office is located at the Clearwater Campus, on the main floor of the Clearwater Hall (a.k.a. the Purple Palace).  Paid parking is available in the main parking lot in front of the Keyano Theatre.  In order to move into your unit, on or off campus, you must first pick up keys and sign all required paperwork at the Housing Office.
Moving Tips: Bring a family member or friend to help you move in and don’t over pack!

Your address:
Clearwater Hall                   Riedel Townhouse                          
Your Name                            Your Name                                       
9809 King Street                    TH#-8820 Franklin Ave                       
Fort McMurray, AB                Fort McMurray, AB                            
T9H 1L3                                T9H 3N2                                           

Penhorwood Street
Your Name
TH#-9914 Penhorwood Street
Fort McMurray, AB
T9H 3N3
Clearwater Hall: Mail is sorted and distributed after Canada Post delivers. If you receive a parcel, a note will be put in your mail box requesting that you pick it up at the Main Office
Riedel & Penhorwood Units: Mail is delivered to each mail box by Canada Post.  If you receive a package you will have to go directly to the Canada Post outlet listed on the parcel notice. 
Please note: The Housing Office cannot accept C.O.D. parcels on your behalf.