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In and Around Keyano College

The Used Bookstore (room 178)

Did you finish a class and have textbooks that you’ll never use again? Do you not want to pay outrageous prices for brand new textbooks? We can help you out! Come on down to the Used Bookstore! Books are sold on a consignment basis, and the students selling the books set the prices. It’s a great place to shop for the books you need at reduced prices. The Used Bookstore is open between 8:30AM – 4:30PM Monday through Friday. For those evening students who can’t get down to the bookstore during our office hours, call the SAKC to see if the book you need is available and to make arrangements to have it picked up.  

Photocopying, Printing, and Faxing

All of your copying, printing, and faxing needs can be met at the Used Bookstore, where the SAKC offers the cheapest prices! Copying and printing costs 10 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color. Faxing (sending and receiving) is available for 50 cents for the first page and 25 cents for every page after that.  

City Bus Passes

Whether you don’t drive or you just don’t want to, the SAKC can help you out! Come down to the Used Bookstore where you can buy your monthly bus pass and pick up a route map. Next month’s passes are available during the last week of every month. 

Students' Association Phone Number: (780) 791-4950