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Apply for Housing

Each potential Resident is required to submit all supporting documents in order to get on wait list.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit all documentation.

Spring and Summer months

All tenants in family housing are required to register for the next year (Fall term) on or before May 30th. Tenants can remain in family housing throughout the summer at the full time student rate if they are registered as full time students & return to college FT.

If the tenant is not able to return to College FT or withdraws from the college - for any unforeseen reason at a later date he/she will be back-charged at the non-student rate applicable to the type of unit/location 14-days from their previous full time program end date.


Each student and immediate family member can remain in student housing provided the student maintains full time status through-out and can also provide proof of a combined family annual income being under $80K.

It is the tenants responsibility to update Housing of any changes in their student status and / or family status.

The tenant has 14 days from the full time program end date to vacate premises after which the non-student rate pertaining to the location and type of unit.