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Keyano College is strengthening our sponsorship process to ensure that we are receiving consistent and correct information from sponsors and sponsored students. Please read through the guide to sponsorship entitled, Sponsorship 101. This will provide you with a comprehensive outline of responsibilities that need to be considered when sponsoring a student. This guide includes thorough details regarding the following aspects of sponsoring students at Keyano College:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who to Contact at Keyano College to Set Up Sponsorship
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)
  • How to Submit Payment to Keyano College
  • Confirmation of Sponsorship Form

When submitting your Confirmation of Sponsorship forms to Keyano, please ensure that if you require that a student's attendance record or grades be released to you that a Keyano College "Consent to Release/Obtain Information form" is signed by your sponsored student. If you are not located within Fort McMurray, students can also come into the Office of the Registrar and sign the Consent to Release/Obtain Information form here, allowing you access to their information.

All inquiries with respect to sponsorship are to be directed to the Financial Aid & Student Awards Coordinator at 780-791-4894, or by e-mail at


The following agencies may provide financial assistance towards educational costs. It can take several months to obtain approval for sponsorships, therefore it is very important for students to begin the process well in advance of the beginning of studies.

Band Education Authority

Individuals who are Treaty Status Indians may qualify for funding through their band education authority. Contact your Band Education Counsellor for further information.

Freehorse Family Wellness Society

Bill C-31 and Status Indians whose bands do not administer training funds may be eligible for sponsorship for post-secondary or UCEPP training. Call the Freehorse office in Edmonton at 1-800-411-9658 or further information can be found at their website at

Metis Nation of Alberta

Individuals who are members of the Metis Nation and are enrolled in career programs may be eligible for funding. Contact the Project Development Officer at your nearest Region Office - in Fort McMurray contact the Fort McMurray Employment Services office at 780-714-3029.

Part Time Bursaries

Alberta residents who are in financial need may be eligible for part-time bursaries to a maximum amount of $1200 per semester. Bursaries are to be used for tuition, books, transportation and child care while attending courses. Contact the Alberta Works Funding Advisor at Keyano College 780-791-4938 or the local Alberta Human Resources and Employment office for more information about bursaries for upgrading courses and the Financial Aid & Student Awards Coordinator at Keyano College 780-791-4894 for information about bursaries for post-secondary courses.