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Government Student Loans - Content

The federal and provincial governments have established student financial assistance programs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents to pursue post-secondary education. This aid is provided in the form of loans and grants on the basis of demonstrated financial need. The level of financial assistance received will depend on evidence of financial need and on personal circumstances.

Students must apply through the province in which they are considered a resident (the last province in which 12 consecutive months as a non-full-time student was spent). All Alberta residents who apply for a student loan will be considered for Alberta and Canada student loans as well as grants and bursaries.

Government student loans are interest-free while you are attending full-time at a post-secondary institution. A confirmation of enrollment form must be completed for previous loans to remain in interest-free status. Copies of these forms are available in Keyano's Office of the Registrar and must be signed by the Financial Aid & Student Awards Coordinator to confirm full-time study. Repayment of student loans begins six months after ceasing to be a full-time student. The interest rate and terms of repayment are set at the time of consolidation.

Students who need to apply for a loan should apply early. Processing can take four to six weeks and must be completed prior to the end of the semester to which the loan pertains.

Application forms for Alberta residents can be obtained from your local Canada Alberta Service Centre or through Keyano's Office of the Registrar. Residents of most provinces can apply electronically, through the links below.

You are a current resident of which province? (In which province did you spend the past 12 consecutive months?)