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School of Continuing Education Policies & Forms

Absence Request Form

In the event of student medical emergencies, a family emergencies* and work emergencies, students may be able to request withdrawal from their course and transfer tuition to another course within the program.  

Students must submit the Absence Request form to the Continuing Education office at prior to the course start date or within 48 hours of the event occurring.

Advanced Credit Request 

Advanced Credit may be granted if a student has completed courses at an accredited post-secondary institution. Students must pay the Advanced Credit processing fee per course and then submit Advanced Credit Request form, official transcripts, course outline and objectives to

Note: it is the students' responsibility to ensure all Advanced Credit applications are complete and are accompanied by the proper support documents (application form, proof of payment, official transcript or certificate, course outline with learning objectives). Incomplete applications will be returned to the student.

Deferred (Special) Examination Application

Students who are unable to write the mid-term and / or final examination due to illness or other exceptional circumstances may apply for a deferred examination by contacting the Continuing Education office at prior to the examination or within 48 hours of the scheduled examination to request a deferred final examination.

Tutorial Request Form

If you are interested in taking GED or English Tutorial sessions, please fill out the following form and submit it to 

Incident / Injury Report

All accidents occurring on college property, either personal injury or equipment damage must be reported to Security within 24 hours of the occurrence on behalf of yourself or the other person.  If Security is unavailable at the time of the accident, please fill out the Incident / Accident Report form and place it under the door of the Security office. The Security Office is located at Clearwater Campus by the main entrance.

Application for Graduation

Program certificates are issued by Keyano College through the Office of the Registrar based on the completion of all required courses for a particular program and are reviewed on the 10th of each month.

If you are eligible to graduate, your parchment (certificate, diploma or professional certificate) will be printed by the end of that month.

Once the credential is awarded, the parchment will be mailed to the address provided on the Application for Graduation form.

To receive program certificates all students must fill out the online Application for Graduation, paper applications will no longer be accepted.

Supply Chain Management Association Membership Application

If you are a Supply Chain Management Training student and wish to become a SCMA member, please fill out the form and submit it to