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Course Descriptions

Professional Business Communication is also available for on-demand group training as requested. For more information please contact or call (780) 715-3903.

Critical English

25 Hours (21 hours classroom instruction with 4 hours assigned homework)
Students will learn how to improve English comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in business context. This includes: learning to pronounce all of the vowel and consonant sounds audibly, to use pauses and speed to communicate more clearly, and to demonstrate mainstream professional speaking skills. Students will also practice and receive feedback on writing skills and learn to write concrete messages that are clear and concise.

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Techniques

25 Hours (21 hours classroom instruction with 4 hours assigned homework)
Students will gain pronunciation tools and strategies to improve spoken English. Lessons will focus on listening skills, intonation and rhythm patterns, word and sentence stress, pausing and thought groups, and on why it is important to slow down when communicating to ensure accurate

Speaking Professionally

25 Hours (21 hours classroom instruction with 4 hours assigned homework)
Course content includes: Cultural Effects on Workplace Communication, Strategies for Beginning and Maintaining “Water Cooler” Conversation, Common Idioms and Expressions, Business Meetings, Effective Presentation Skills, Networking, Workplace Telephone Skills and additional topics as related to General Conversation Management. This course includes a 15-minute formal presentation assignment.

Workplace Writing

25 Hours (21 hours classroom instruction with 4 hours assigned homework)
This course is designed for professionals who want to improve their written workplace communication skills. It covers common workplace vocabulary, expressions, and writing techniques. Special attention is given to résumé writing, emails, business letters and other workplace documents.

Canadian Workplace Culture

36 Hours *Optional Course
Students will explore common definitions of culture to understand differences and similarities between Canadian workplace culture and that of their home country. They will learn to use intercultural knowledge to help integrate into the Canadian workplace. Students will assess their own respective communications styles, enhance personal leadership abilities and understand the transitional journey into a new cultural context.

Communication Techniques for Leaders

14 Hours *Optional Course
Leaders are expected to be able to differentiate between criticism and constructive feedback and handle challenging communications, including letting someone go or having difficult discussions with workers. This two day workshop will cover skills and tools for situations such as one-on-one and group meetings, presentations, emails, conflicts and crisis.

NOTE: This course is eligible for credit in the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate