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Course Descriptions

Note: While not required, it is recommended that Modules be taken in order.



An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management

15 Hours
Based on the course textbook, Uptime, Module 1 develops the framework for a strategic approach to maintenance management that is integrated with the business. Drawing on elements presented in the “Maintenance Excellence Pyramid” of Uptime, participants in this module will learn how strategy, people, basic care, materials management, performance management, work management, support systems and tools such as Reliability Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Failure Analysis can work together to build a culture of excellence.

TEXTBOOK: UPTIME: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management, 3nd Edition, John D. Campbell and James Reyes Productivity Press.

Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager

30 Hours
This module links maintenance strategies with those of production and operations. By studying production methodologies, Maintenance Managers can apply these techniques to improve the performance of their business unit and support the production goals of the organization.

TEXTBOOK: Operations Management, 5h Edition, William J. Stevenson and Mehran Hojati

Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager

30 Hours
This module explores the role of human resources in maintenance management, legal requirements, recruitment and selection, orientation training and employee development, proper application of performance appraisals, the union management interface, safety in the workplace and
managing change through effective leadership.

Canadian Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach, 11th Edition. Schwind, Das, Wagar. McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager

30 Hours
This module focuses on the application of accounting and finance principles in maintenance management roles. Participants gain an understanding of the foundation principles of accounting and of the four main pillars of accounting (Project Analysis, Budgeting/Forecasting, Cost Analysis for Managerial Decisions and Maintenance, Repair and Operations Inventory) needed to support a successful maintenance department.

TEXTBOOK: Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager, 2nd edition, PEMAC Custom Publishing

Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics

30 Hours
Learn about the maintenance required to ensure the safe, capable and reliable performance of physical assets to their designed specifications. Course content focuses on maintenance tactics to address how assets are used, the likelihood and consequences of asset failure and on identifying maintenance tactics that are both feasible and worthwhile. Implementation and effectiveness of tactics is also tracked.

TEXTBOOK: RCM2 Reliability-Centered Maintenance, 2nd Edition, John Moubray, Industrial Press Thomson Nelson: 1997

Maintenance Work Management

30 Hours
Effective work management ensures the course of action and selection of tools/resources to improve reliability and minimize interruptions in production processes and/or services. This module details the fundamental principles of the work management process and the basics of planning,
scheduling and work coordination methods. Participants will gain a sound understanding of work management tools and how to apply them to effectively transition from reactive to proactive maintenance.

TEXTBOOK: Maintenance Planning, Coordination & Scheduling, 2nd Edition, Don Nyman and Joel Levitt. Industrial Press

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

30 Hours
Learn the features, benefits and the effective use of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system and their application in the work management process. Topics include selection, implementation and optimization of a suitable
CMMS or EAM system and how to alter these systems to meet changing requirements.

TEXTBOOK: Successfully Utilizing CMMS/EAM Systems, 4th Edition, Terry Wireman. Reliability Web

Capstone Course

30 Hours
Participants draw upon principals, concepts and techniques taught in the previous seven Maintenance Management Professionals modules to complete a final project. Working in small groups, participants select a project that will audit, assess and improve your current maintenance departments, develop a new maintenance strategy for the workplace or resolve a significant maintenance issue within departments.
Participants can also opt to develop a “Greenfield” maintenance strategy and program upon approval from the instructor. If all previous modules have been completed, the assessment of the Capstone project can qualify students for their MMP certification and designation.

NOTE: This module consists of 2 days in-class and approximately 20 hours independent work.

PREREQUISITE: Students must have successfully completed MMP Modules 1-7 before taking this course


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