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Campus Safety

Safety Wardens
Areas Fire Wardens Alternates
Chief Fire Warden Travis Harvey On Call Building Operator
Human Resources Sarah Blood Mary Ann Campbell
Library Patricia Reid Any available employee
Student Services Maren Bzdell Any available employee
Finance Darlene O'Neil Simone Bourque
Trades Clint Fleischhacker John Campbell
Facilities Ruth Legge Any available employee
Nursing Hallway Lynn Dagenais Any available employee
STC Main Floor Cristina Fuentes Sandra Efu
STC Upper Floor Mark Young Michael Smith
Executive Office Joanne Duthie Peggy Baldwin
Academic Office Paulette Hapgood Paulette Hapgood
205 Instructor Block Lisa Turner Any available employee
Science Labs Chrissi Sheppard Emily Hicks
Theatre Pamela Bowie Any available employee
Theatre Eugene Carnegie Any available employee
SSWC Lisa Gardham Jessica Gingras
Bob Lamb - Lower Floor Marcella Rogerson Any available employee
Bob Lamb - Upper Floor Natasha John-Hurford Tara Douglas
SEIC - Office Melissa Coish Any available employee
Power Lab Katembo Kasinyabo Any available employee

Safety Event:Lockdown Drill – March 27, 2018

Keyano College is committed to the health and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff.

On occasion, the College, working with local authorities, will conduct a fire drill or a lockdown drill.

Located in rooms throughout Keyano
Collegeis our Emergency Procedure
Booklet. Geteducated on what to do in
an emergency,flip through the booklet.

On March 27, 2018, from 9:30-10:30 a.m., Keyano College will be conducting a lockdown drill.

While a drill interrupts regular business, it is an important tool to evaluate our emergency preparedness and planning.

As part of the drill, an announcement will take place advising that the school is going into lockdown. This announcement will occur several times through the Clearwater Campus.

Hearing the announcement, faculty, staff, and students will follow the lockdown procedure.

Once the drill is complete, a second announcement will be made to advise that regular business may resume.


Lockdown procedure

  • If you are in a room, stay in place.
  • If you are in an open area near an entrance, and it is safe, exit the building. If you are in an open area and not near an entrance, go to the nearest room.
  • Close the door and lock or barricade it.
  • As best you can, cover any windows that would allow someone in the hallway to look into the room (eg. window on a door or around a door frame).
  • Turn off lights and move out of sight.
  • Remain quiet, do not use cellphones and turn off cellphone ringers.
  • Do not open the door for anyone.
  • Wait for further instruction.

    Please note: once the announcement begins, in thirty seconds doors that are on swipe access will lock and fire doors throughout the hallways will close.

Keyano College appreciates your cooperation in helping to make our campus safe.


Safety Education

Keyano College is committed to the health and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff.

The College has developed several emergency procedures for a variety of situations. One of these is an active shooter on campus.

As part of the educational component of this topic, Keyano is using a video developed by several post-secondary institutions in Alberta that outlines how to respond in such a situation. While an active shooter event is very rare, users of the College are advised to view the video to be aware of an appropriate response. Some of the video content may be disturbing to viewers.

An important part of education on this topic is also prevention. Often, there are signs ahead of any of these events. If you come across anything disturbing on social media or in conversation that may affect Keyano, please tell a member of staff that you trust.

Education is key in responding to emergencies, and Keyano appreciates your cooperation in helping to make our campus safe.