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Iron Chef

Keyano College Iron Chef competition

Groups put on an apron, step out of the work environment and into the kitchen.  The delicious food they create becomes the focus for working together on common goals, sharing responsibility and appreciating individual skills.

Teams will be amazed with their accomplishments as they create culinary excellence and compete against time in a fun and exciting atmosphere.   A facilitator starts off this enjoyable workshop by helping teams get organized.  Then, our talented chef provides direction in the kitchen as teams create an unforgettable meal.  Prizes and certificates are awarded by the Chef but the best reward is sharing the wonderful meal that has been created.

This is not your typical team building course!  Your group will make memories and bond by taking part in an activity outside of the office environment.  Teammates will have the opportunity to see each other in a different light and will benefit from the rapport that comes naturally from working together in a fun, stress-free environment.

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