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Q & A (How to have a program customized for your company!)

What is corporate training?

Corporate training is training that is designed specific to the needs of the company, organization or community group.  It is delivered for a group or a combination of groups. It is normally delivered at a location that is convenient for the company and at a schedule that accommodates a company’s needs. 

Who do I contact to get information on how to customize training for my company’s needs?

You can contact any of the team members listed on the Contacts page and they can respond to any of your inquiries. Alternatively you can email or call 780-715-3903 and your messages will be directed to a Business Development Officer. 

What is the process for working with Keyano to get corporate training?

The steps include the following:

1) Contact the Corporate Training division through one of the contacts listed

2) Industry and training experts design a program that meets the client’s training needs and budget

3) A training contract is signed, implementation begins, and follow up and evaluation takes place once the course is completed.

What credential will the student receive?

The credential depends on the training. In some cases it comes in the form of a wallet card that is pre-determined. In other cases in may be a certificate of completion, achievement or participation.  The credential is directly associated with the body which governs the course content.

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