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Prior Learning and Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) is defined as awarding credit for learning which has taken place outside of post-secondary institutions. PLAR provides a way of recognizing learning which has taken place on the job, in employment based training, or in a variety of  experiences outside of the workplace.

PLAR is available to students who have been admitted to Keyano College programs. Prior Learning is assessed utilizing a formal assessment process, which may include examinations, projects, auditions, performances, essays, and assignments. The final decision regarding the assessment methodology rests with the instructor of the course and appropriate Program Chair. Students who receive a failing grade in a course on the basis of PLAR will not be permitted a second opportunity. Prior Learning must equate to existing Keyano College courses. Some courses may be exempted from PLAR. All University Studies and Nursing courses are exempted from PLAR.

Fees for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition

Applications for PLAR can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and completed applications should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. The standard fee for PLAR is 50% of the normal course fee. When PLAR can be made at the time of admission to a program on the basis of admission and placement, the fee will be reduced to 25% of the normal course fee. Fees are non-refundable and must be paid one week prior to the student undertaking the assessment process.

Successful completion of PLAR will be indicated by a grade of PL. This grade is not calculated in GPA. The transfer credits earned by PLAR at Keyano College to another post-secondary institution will be governed by the policies of the receiving institution.