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Tuition & Fees

Upon registration and to secure a position in a program, students are required to pay either the full amount of fees assessed or a $100 ($200 for international students) program deposit. Non-payment of the program tuition deposit will result in cancellation of registration.

The tuition deposit will be applied to the tuition amount owed. Students who cancel their registration by notifying the Office of the Registrar will have program deposits refunded according to the following dates:
  • Four weeks or more prior to the official first day of classes in any given semester: $75 refund ($150 for international students)
  • Between four weeks and the day prior to the official first day of classes: $50 refund ($100 for international students)
  • No tuition deposit refund on or after the official first day of classes
  • Remainder of fees must be paid five working days from the official first day of classes (including the first day of classes) in any given semester (see college schedule on page 7-8). A $100 penalty will be applied if all tuition and related fees are not paid within this time.